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Saturday, September 4, 2021

Hindsight: a gift moving forward


"In hindsight, I would have done things differently."

Ever said this before?

What if I told you that numerology provides just such an opportunity. 

Let me explain how to use this tool easily and practically.

We go through 9-year cycles in life. We start at 1, and when we get to 10, 1+0=1, and so we start all over again 9 years later.

Hopefully, though, we are a little older and a little wiser. If we are, with the gift of hindsight, history does not have to repeat itself.

Things not going well? Life not progressing according to plan? Hitting difficulties and difficult choices?

Go back exactly 9 years from today, this month. What was happening? What led up to it? What choices were you making for your future then, and how did that work for you? Well? Well, then you are likely to make good choices now. Badly? It was a terrible time? It was a dreadful time? You don't even want to think about it? 

Chances are you are making the same kinds of choices now. It may wear a mask, pun intended, and come heavily disguised. However, rip the mask off and it is very recognisable.

You may also want to look back in multiples of 9 years, to 18 years ago, 27 years ago, and so on to see how the pattern has evolved.

Now, using the power of hindsight, make the decisions today that you wish you had made then. Remodel your future by looking at the past, while moving forward safely and joyfully to new horizons that beckon.

Friday, August 20, 2021

Return to Sender


Number 8 is a karmic number, and indeed the word KARMA adds up to 17. K=2, A=1, R=9, M=4, A=1. 2+1+9+4+1=17, and 1+7=8.

The infinity sign is an 8, vortex energy is an 8, and 8 tells us “As Above, So Below”. Look at the shape… it is the same as the pattern of the orbit of planets, the same pattern as the path of activity for animals and people. Spiral motion is a universal property of living matter.

This is where you reap what you have sown. What are you reaping? Perhaps you need to plant different seeds next time and nurture them differently to get different results?

Number 17 is the number of success. It has drive, intellect, good judgement, and is both analytical and intuitive. It is individual strength and action, doing what is uniquely you.

It is also known as the law of the circle. What goes around comes around, and what goes out must return to sender. Be aware of what is returning to you. Let the negativity flow through unhindered without paying it any attention, and choose to react positively.

(See the 20 Universal Laws below.)

“The higher our vibration, the more quickly karma returns to us.  Some are subjected to ‘instant karma’.  If you feel that you never get away with anything, you may be experiencing instant karma.  This means that whatever you give out comes back to you, instantly.  It is a sign that you are becoming more evolved because your karmic balance sheet is being kept up to date.  Your soul is no longer allowing you to accumulate debt.” ~ excerpt from

Effort is required this month. So is patience. This is an ideal time to attract new business and investments, but don’t speculate. June calls for business-like thinking, not emotional decisions.

If you have been job hunting, you may be called for interviews this month. Make sure to take a folder with any information they may require, including a hard copy of a professional CV, even if you have already sent one. Visualise a fair salary and hold that intention.

Love and money are closely connected this month, so do not confuse the two or lose one over the other. Money is a leading cause of divorce. Be wary of getting into a power struggle with your partner over finances, working hours, or property. Don’t get into power struggles at work with bosses or colleagues either. If you feel, though, that they are holding you back in life and that your value systems are incompatible, explore the possibility that it may be time to start your own business. No impulsive decisions this month!

Redefine what “abundance” and “success” mean to you.

Remain calm and composed. Visualise the number 8 to integrate thought patterns. Disputes or legal matters may be settled, but not necessarily in your favour. Trust in the scales of justice. Good karma could also “pay out”.

What are the 20 universal laws? ~ derived from

  1. THE UNIVERSAL LAW OF HARMONY: This relates to disrupting harmony, when you are the cause of some effect and there is not a peaceful state of equilibrium.
  2. THE LAW OF REINCARNATION AND KARMA: This is like credits and debits on a balance sheet. Both good and bad. Until these have been resolved and the dharma fulfilled (the deeds you need to do), you will reincarnate with souls with the same karma in the same situations lifetime after lifetime.
  3. THE UNIVERSAL LAW OF WISDOM, WISDOM ERASES KARMA: We learn best through pain and suffering, while we could learn through love and wisdom and not need to go through all that pain and suffering.
  4. THE UNIVERSAL LAW OF GRACE: Give love, mercy and grace to others and you will receive the same.
  5. THE UNIVERSAL LAW OF SOUL EVOLUTION: By evolving spiritually and raising our vibrations through unconditional love, we move closer to a state of harmony and bliss.
  6. THE UNIVERSAL LAW OF BODHISATTVA: Some people no longer need to return to earth as they have transcended the need for this, but return to help others, so that we can all be free once all souls have evolved. A bodhisattva is such a person.
  7. THE UNIVERSAL LAW OF VIBRATIONAL ATTAINMENT: Energy cannot die, only transform, and here science is merging with metaphysics. Everything has a vibrational rate that it has earned.
  8. THE UNIVERSAL LAW OF FREE WILL: Although some events are predestined, you have a choice of how you respond, which affects everything else. You can respond positively, negatively or destructively.
  9. THE LAW OF ONE: Everything we think, say or do affects everyone else.
  10. THE UNIVERSAL LAW OF MANIFESTATION: You manifest your thoughts, whether positive or negative. To change your reality, you must change your beliefs and behaviour.
  11. THE UNIVERSAL LAW OF CONSCIOUS DETACHMENT: The serenity prayer comes to mind…          
  12. THE UNIVERSAL LAW OF GRATITUDE: You manifest more of what you focus on, so by being grateful for all things great or small, you can manifest more of that.
  13. THE UNIVERSAL LAW OF FELLOWSHIP: When two or more people are gathered for a shared purpose, it magnifies the energy immensely.
  14. THE UNIVERSAL LAW OF RESISTANCE: Allow the negative to flow through you without resisting it, as what you resist, persists.
  15. THE LAW OF ATTRACTION: You attract what you are and what you focus on.
  16. THE UNIVERSAL LAW OF REFLECTION: What you fear or what you love will be reflected by your reaction to others.
  17. THE UNIVERSAL LAW OF UNCONDITIONAL LOVE: The acceptance of others without judgment or expectations, without attempting to change them, except by our own positive example.
  18. THE UNIVERSAL LAW OF MAGNETIC AFFINITIES: You choose the circumstances of each incarnation according to what you need to experience in life, like parents, other souls, time and place of birth according to astrological configurations.
  19. THE UNIVERSAL LAW OF ABUNDANCE: Heaven on earth is accepting that which is your Divine birth right as you are worthy just because you are you.
  20. THE UNIVERSAL LAW OF DIVINE ORDER: There are no accidents. Your energy causes all of your experiences.

And just to round it all off, a blast from the past:

KARMA – the Word Means WHAT?


I have just written my blog called “Return to Sender”, and am being very strongly prompted to do an analysis of the word “karma” to accompany it, in the way I do it and using my own logic. *SIGH* Lol! It’s not like I have nothing else to do.

read the blog on "Return to Sender" here.

Remember: My viewpoints in this blog, so you do not have to agree with anything or everything.

Okay. Here goes… Oh, and if all of this intrigues you, consider studying with me online from anywhere in the world. One on one.

KARMA. Each letter has a meaning. The position in the word of each letter has a meaning. The number of letters in the word has a meaning. Whether the word has an odd or even amount of letters has a meaning. The vowels have special meanings. So let’s get looking, and right now I myself am not sure where this is going, but follow my train of thought…

Firstly, karma has 5 letters. Oh wow! Excitement inside me! Of course! That makes perfect sense! 5 is the number of balance. Five is an extremist number, and can swing like a pendulum wildly from one extreme to the next, which is what karma is – a balance sheet. 5 is also a number that deals with temptations – earthly temptations of the flesh. In Christianity they refer to these temptations as “the Devil” and I think it is just an avoidance of taking ownership for your own stuff and passing the buck.

Secondly, the word starts with a K and ends on an A. This is relevant to how the process starts and ends, so let’s take a look at that.

Lol! Oh, dear – and there is the first clue… The letter K is interchangeable with the letter 11, of which the root number is 2. So let’s unpack that first. 2 is the number of duality. Of choices. We all understand choices, and know with any situation that arises we have choices, whether we choose to believe that or not. The letter K shows it is ME, seen by the straight up-and-down line looking like a 1 as you start writing the letter.

Then from the middle of the 1 (or the self) let’s call it at the heart and soul, there are 2 choices, the duality of the number 2. Both of these lines that complete the letter K are pointing forwards, to the future. The back, or past, is closed. Your choice is what to do going forward. One line goes up, and one goes down, each ending up in very different places should you continue with them. Or you could say that one choice will take you higher, or towards the light, and one will take you down.

Not only is K interchangeable with number 2, but K is the 11th letter of the alphabet. The word “light” is a word that adds up to 11. 11 is the portal to higher learning and evolvement… if you take the choice of going upwards. Should you take the other path, it is also a portal to a very dark place. Looking further at the number 11, you will see it is made up of two number 1’s, which suggests two people, equally yoked. So nobody can take the high road or claim “entitlement” with karma. We are all “one”, regardless of status or anything else. You harm someone else, it comes back and harms you. It is the law. A universal law.

The word KARMA ends on an A. A is number one in the alphabet, and is interchangeable with the number 1. Me, myself and I, ego… So, the word “karma” starts with me and my choices, and ends with me… but this time I am standing alone. I alone am responsible for my choices. The law of the circle. What I send out comes right back to me.

I am keeping this short, guys, so not getting in deeper than that into these two letters. There is so much more I would like to say, though… but please keep reading.

The word pivots on the letter R. This word only has a pivotal letter as it has an odd number of letter. Even-numbered words do not have a pivotal letter. What is a pivotal letter? Picture a balance scale (heehee, no pun intended) with the centre point, the point of balance, being the letter R.

So what does the pivotal letter, or point of balance mean? I simply means that for the scales to balance depends on having the centre point to hold up the balance scales. More simply put, it means the success or failure of this “word/karma” DEPENDS ON the attributes of the letter R, or the number 18 (it is the 18th letter in the alphabet) and the number 9, as 1+8=9. So the letter R is an 18/9 letter.

If you think the position of a letter in the alphabet or a word is not important, consider what it means to come first or last. Lol!

Where to start with this letter… Okay, firstly, the letter R is again, like the letter K, characterised by beginning with a straight line or number 1, the self, and the top of the R looks like the letter P, which is deep spiritual thinking, but not disconnecting from the heart, as it is the number 16 which is karmic itself, putting selfish desires and intellect above intimacy and love. So adding the little down stripe differentiates the R from the P, and shows a moving forward, not a deep thought process and analysis like the letter P. The R with the closed circle at the top, or head, of the letter, shows learning and retention of memory and information. Could one say KARMA depends on learning from mistakes?

The number 9 is characterised by peace or war – the one or the other. But mostly, the 9 is the ending of a cycle, wanting to move on to the next cycle, and stands for understanding, unconditional love and non-judgement of others. Is this not why we want to overcome karma and balance the scales?

The 9 says you either get bitter, or you get better. Furthermore, the 9 is made up of a 1+8. The one says me, I am responsible, and the 8 says universal laws, as above so below, complete balance of yin and yang, and good judgement. Shew! So, karma (overcoming it) depends on the judgement of the self learning from mistakes, moving forward applying all the universal laws, without wanting revenge (this word starts with an R!). It says I use good judgement and with unconditional love and understanding I can let it go…

The 18 also says I use what I have, time, energy or finances, to help others, leading to the 9 which is saving the world – a humanitarian number, highly idealistic, upholding the vision of heaven on earth.

Message to self: Stop now and move on!

Reply to self: Okay…

The first vowel in the word, the sacred, soul part of the word, is an A. All vowels are sacred, and the letter A is known as the breath of God and thus physical reproduction and creation. No wonder the Christian Bible uses the name Adam (beginning with an A and ending with an M, the only letter pronounced with a closed mouth as in a closed womb to birth creation). In the destructive form the A, or number 1, is extremely selfish, but in the positive it strives, leads and innovates. But that aside, a baby does not become “alive” until it takes its first breath of air.

A is self-control, ambition, has male/yang strength and needs goals. So it seems like we are “created” and incarnate with the goal of evolving by balancing the scales of justice, or karma, something we probably can’t do “on the other side”, wherever that may be.

To me it almost says, that coming to earth as a living, breathing human is ambitious (no sh#t Sherlock) and brave, and the goal is to experience temptation, make choices, take the higher road to the light and evolvement, gain understanding and unconditional love and evolve to a higher level of consciousness.

Shew! And by doing so to balance the scales of justice – and karma.

And now I feel spent and exhausted after that last, very long sentence, and will leave you to ponder this further…

Sending love…

NB: Please note this is not an academic, researched paper, but merely me pinning down my present thoughts in the space I am in.

Is Numerology an occult practice?


What an interesting time we are living in.

This blog was originally written on 15 April 2020. I am transferring my blogs from my website to this platform.

For some reason I have become quite brazen about speaking out about things this month (April 2020). Perhaps it is a result of my personal number 1-year and 5-month and having too few choices on how to get rid of this restless energy while in lock down.

I seem to have been speaking my truth and posting articles to try and (shock?) and wake people up more than usual, knowing full well that everyone does not always want to know what is really going on, much less look at “the world according to Janet”.

Perhaps I am doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing.

I recently received a hateful and judgemental message on my personal FB page from someone in the Christian religion. It is not the first time. I am not sure whether uneducated and uninformed people think Numerology is a religion?

Numerology is an ancient science, not a religion.

Numerology is, however, part of the occult, bringing uncertainty to Christians in particular, who live in fear of being condemned. The meaning of the word “occult” is simply:

  • involving or relating to mystical, supernatural, or magical powers, practices, or phenomena ~ Dictionary
  • a category into which varied beliefs and practices are placed if they are considered to fit into neither religion nor science ~ Wikipedia
  • of or relating to magic, astrology, or any system claiming use or knowledge of secret or supernatural powers or agencies beyond the range of ordinary knowledge or understanding. Mysterious, secret, disclosed or communicated only to the initiated, hidden from view ~

The “opposite” of occult is

  • Visible
  • See able

which implies that the occult is simply that which is not visible. excerpt:

The word, “occult,” is difficult to define. The reason for this is that almost everyone has a different view of what the word means. To some, it represents a fascinating sphere of paranormal activity and mystery. To others, it implies sorcery and dark intentions. Very few people call themselves occultists, yet many are, perhaps without knowing it. Those who do know it, rarely use the term due to an abundance of negativity surrounding the whole concept.

It’s unfortunate that occultism has come to be cast in such dark shadows, because it truly is a place of wonder and offers opportunities to enrich and embrace life in many ways. The key to understanding the realm of the occult is to approach it without fear, bias or a desire to use it for unscrupulous reasons. It is a world of multi-faceted possibilities, like a beautiful gemstone that reveals a different view of the world at every angle.

How you choose to categorise Numerology, and how you feel about it, is up to you. I am completely at peace using it as a tool to help me understand my life. It has given me immense insight into situations I did not understand, and which made no sense to me, as many of the choices I made in this lifetime are rooted in past lives.

I use Numerology in my own life. Often. 19 years into studying and teaching it, it still helps me to make sense of what is happening in my world and the world around me. I feel as if I am shedding lifetimes of “stuff”, one layer at a time, and coming ever closer to my core.

I feel energised and alive when I help others find meaning and purpose. In fact, if I am not doing numerology readings, I become physically unwell and out of sorts. My vibrations and wellbeing are always enhanced when I rejoice in my calling and apply it to help others.

If you have not yet read my blog on 2020, written on 4 December 2019, here is the link:

Life is unfolding exactly as it is meant to, based on mathematical universal laws.

Be gentle on yourselves in this difficult and uncertain time.

With love,


Numerology and the Year 2020


This blog has been copied from my website and added to this platform, but was written on 4 December 2019

All will manifest in Divine Timing and not a moment sooner.

This numerology report about the year 2020 feels enormous. I feel a great responsibility to access
the true essence of the year.

These are my own personal insights into this 2020 energy. Enjoy the journey as I write from the
heart and soul.

2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 4.

A pure number 4. No Malefics, no Master Numbers, just a pure 4 with two zeros, donating a strong
spiritual presence and help available to all those who call on it.

A number 4 is, in essence, a number signifying:

  • Work and effort
  • Systems
  •  Methods
  • Planning
  • Budgeting
  • Building step by step, starting with the foundations
  • Establishment of law and order
  • Construction
  • Practicality
  • Honour
  • Organization
  • Facts
  • Completion of tasks
  • Patience
  • Consistency
  • Loyalty

The number 4 goes “snap” with the letter D, the element earth, the planet Uranus and the colour
green. The musical note is F.

One way that mystics, poets, composers and writers access the universe is through music. They
“hear” “Celestial music”. I hear it too, especially when I am under large trees: nature’s antennas. I
refer to it as the “music of the spheres”. (I have linked the ability to hear this music to the number
25/7 on personality level of the surname at birth, or the male genetic lineage.)

The 2’s in the year 2020 are intuitive, sensitive and musical. Musical keys trigger specific emotional
characteristics. This truth was well noted before the 20th century. Make your choice daily as to
which vibration you choose to embrace in 2020:

  • F Major denotes calm.
  • F Minor evokes depression and groans of misery and death.
  • F# Major triumphs over difficulty, breathes a sigh of relief when hurdles are overcome and is
    the echo of a soul which has finally conquered fierce struggles.
  • F# Minor is a gloomy key of resentment and discontent.

I am expecting sound therapy to come into its own from next year, shattering tumours like a soprano
shatters glass. A new era of musicians will likely surface too and the finer side of music will once
again become popular.

The 4 th alphabet letter of the Hebrew alphabet is Daleth. This word means womb or door. In 2020 it
is still closed, but in 2021 we will be opening the door to a completely new era. When one door
closes, another will open. So many doors have closed in recent times for so many people and
businesses. I believe more will close in 2020 and we will reach a low. The silver lining to this dark
cloud is that there is only one way out from rock bottom, and that is up.

I have an image of pressure building in a closed container, and as you know – something has to give.
2020 will go down in history as being so uncomfortable that it outweighed the fear of stepping out
of “how things always functioned and worked” into a great unknown and great adventure which will
be the ruling theme in 2021.

In the negative, the 4 has a donkey-like stubbornness to move forward. Donkey starts with the letter
D too. It can be a bit of a “plodder”, but hey, slow and steady wins the race, right?

For interest, the 4th chakra, or heart chakra of the earth, is at Glastonbury and Shaftesbury. This
geographical area currently coincides with the 3rd eye chakra which is not fixed in position. How
interesting that the heart chakra of the earth currently coincides with the 3rd eye chakra. This is
mirrored in 2020, the 4 made up of the intuitive 2’s.

On a spiritual level, enlightened number 4’s have come into this life to provide form for
establishment of the divine blueprint on earth. Once they recognize the inner work of the soul, 4’s
are inspired workers towards the Light.

Everything that exists starts with 1 and goes through three successive stages to reach form in the
number 4:

  1. Idea.
  2. Seed planted.
  3. Growth.
  4. Mature product; matter brought into being by the Holy Trinity.

In his law of opposites, Pythagoras called the 4 “Right and Left” as the earth spreads out to your left
and right. It is the physical plane, the four corners of the earth, the four directions: north, south,
east, and west; the four elements: fire, water, air, and earth; and the four geometrical forms: point,
line, plane, and solid.

The ancient Greeks considered the Tetrad to be the root of all things. Tetrad means “group of 4”.
Note the two T’s in “tetrad”, 20+20, and the word “tetrad” ending in a D which is the 4 th letter of the
alphabet and shows the end result of the word – putting collaborative ideas, or global collective
consciousness into a structure or form.

The Law of the Tetrad provides knowledge of the most basic law of creation: the mind’s ability to not
only shape itself through its own thoughts and perceptions, but also to provide the key for self-
mastery as “mind over matter”.

On a completely different note, although 2020 adds to a pure 4, if we were to add 20 + 20 = 40,
there is a lot more to observe and think about.

40 is used as a number which separates a distinct ending of one era and a new beginning of a period
in the history of someone or something. It is also a period of years representing the time it takes for
a new generation to arise.

Biblically, 40 is used symbolically as “the long time” that Jesus was tempted in the desert, the
amount of time it rained when Noah was in the ark, and the amount of time the Jewish people
wandered in the desert before reaching the promised land. It shows very clearly the turbulence,
fear, trials and tribulations and lack of direction between two significant and very different periods
in time. For me this has a distinct feeling of powerlessness with nothing but blind faith and hope to
keep going.

I have a vision of a promised land, a rainbow and an overcoming of trials and tribulations with much
soul growth at the end of 2020, as we go into 2021.

I see 2020 as a period of being betwixt and between the old and the new; no longer in the old
paradigm, but not yet in the new; kind of “stuck” in a sandwich between the two.

The Law of Gestation comes to mind. (A baby takes 40 weeks to develop.) Indeed, the power-
hungry, karmic male number 19 from 2019 has fallen away to make space for the sacred birthing of
the divine feminine principles, the double 20’s, of which gestation is part of the process. For some
this is an uncomfortable period, for others joyful, for others painful, but a very sacred time carrying
the seed of new life within.

Gestation is the period of time it takes for something to come into form. Everything has a gestational
period or time required for it to manifest. It is like a seed. Different seeds have different germination
periods and different favourable circumstances necessary for them to germinate. All will manifest in
Divine Timing and not a moment sooner.

At the end of the flood, Noah received an olive leaf from a dove he sent out. In biblical accounts,
extending an olive branch meant the ending of hostilities between two parties and signalled the end
of the conflict. The world needs to extend those olive branches.

Very interesting that the number 20 + 20 = 40 is made up of two number 20’s, and number 20
signifies peace and harmony. Are we coming to rest soon on a new earth as 2020 ends?

20/20 vision is what comes to mind whenever I see or hear “2020”. Will we at last see things for
what they really are? Will we remove the blinkers trying to keep us focused on a small area in front
of us, obscuring peripheral vision to keep us from seeing the full picture?

Number 20 is linked to duality, and 20/20 vision needs to see, understand and connect opposing
viewpoints and both sides of the story. Conflict resolution.
Number 20 embraces polar opposites:
• Male and female
• Positive and negative
• Spirit and matter
• Light and dark

Number 20 goes “snap” with the letter T, the 20 th letter of the alphabet. Phoenicians wrote it as a
cross, similar to the plus sign. The horizontal line is matter and the vertical is spirit descending into
matter. When they cross (+), they form the plus sign: creation.

The root number of 20, number 2, denotes cooperation, friendliness, helpfulness, modesty,
neatness, tact and diplomacy. It is also about the finer details, crossing the T’s and dotting the I’s.
Both these letters used in this commonly used example signifying detail focus have very spiritual
sides to them as well, as the sacrifice of the T (the cross) implies and the dot of the I, which is the
light of God descending into matter. But I don’t want to get into analysing words and letters in this
blog, so let’s move on.

Number 20 is a number donating partnerships, companionship, and marriage. Number 2, or 20, is
associated with pairs of things. Items that come in pairs often add up to 20, like shoe, breast, foot,

Two of each makes for balance, and the word BALANCE also totals 20.
Many words signifying a collection total 20 when the letters are added together, (Pythagorean

OCEAN: A collection of water.
FARM: A collection of animals and food.

Without a focus being placed in 2020 on preserving collections of “things” like water, animals and
food, without which we cannot live (the word DEATH also totals 20), the new era cannot be ushered
in. 2020 is pivotal to preserving these resources. Putting plans, laws and structures into place and
putting in the effort and work to clean up the earth, water sources and air, are implicit in the total of
2020 – number 4.

On searching the periodic table to see which elements add up to 4, I found the following amongst

  • Au           gold           Transition metal           atomic number 79

The symbol for gold, Au which totals 4, comes from the word “aurum” which totals 20. Not only
does “aurum” total 20, but the word “gold” also totals 20.

Remember that 2020 is made up of two number 20’s, and the total is 4. Coincidence? I think not.
Lol. Oh, wow! Okay, I could not understand why Spirit was pointing me to the periodic table, but
now I understand. The vibrations of 2020 place the emphasis very firmly on gold as a foundation.
One of the lesser-known attributes of the number 4, which is associated with hard work and living
hand to mouth, is that it has the Midas Touch. This means it has the ability to make money out of
anything it undertakes, or to turn anything into gold.

That ties in with alchemy – the ability to turn lead into gold.

I look forward to spending 2020 laying a firm foundation. With a bit of planning and hard work in
collaboration with others I know, I plan to create and store wealth in the form of gold to create
stability for the golden era to come.

The big picture is using these traits and groups to put ideas into form. It is not a year to rest on your
laurels, nor will it be the year that will be your crowning glory. It is, however, the year to put firm
and solid foundations in place to prepare for “on earth as it is in heaven”. Number 4 is the “as
below” to the “as above”, and it will all culminate in 2024 when the year adds up to 8.

So, to wrap things up, 2020 has a double focus on the necessity to find your vibe and your tribe.
Collaborations, diplomatic partnerships and negotiations, teamwork, coexistence, inclusiveness and
deep intuitive understanding of relationships and interpersonal dynamics are a necessity in 2020. So
too is soothing music and time to just flow and be. However, it will take planning, a system, careful
budgeting and hard work.

We are almost there. A brighter future awaits on the other side of 2020. Persevere and keep going.
NEVER give up. Pick up the stragglers along the way. Nobody should be alone or get left behind.

Sending so much love to you all.


2020, April to December


This blog was written on 12 April 2020. I am just adding it onto this platform from my website.

What a year! Both February and March each felt like an entire year. Last year is but a vague memory, although we are only four months into 2020.

2020 will go down in history as the year of cognitive dissonance – living a life beyond anything imaginable in a horror movie, and not being able to tell fact from fiction.

This is how I see the rest of 2020 playing out, in short:


April 2020

Today is the 12th of April as I write.

This month the theme is authority, power, finances, karma. We are being asked to question authority: how we react to it, how we wield it, and how we succumb to it when we should be stepping into our own strength and using our own judgement.

Finances will be on everyone’s mind.

Self-worth is very important. We are rewarded financially based on what we think we are worth. Do not give anyone else the power or authority to dictate or decide this for you.

We are being asked to acknowledge that past decisions have brought us all to this point in time, and that present decisions will set up the future.

I wrote a blog about the concept of “karma”, should you want to understand more about this concept playing out around us right now in April.

You will also find the Universal Spiritual Laws, governed by the number 8, the “as above, so below” number, at the bottom of the following page:

Guard against anger and revenge. Being in close confines with others this month could be testing to say the least.


May 2020

May is about letting go, non-judgement, forgiveness of self and others, healing, and unconditional love. Something will be coming to an end this month. It could be the world as we know it, or lock down, or systems, or acquaintances or work and income. Whatever it is, let it go and trust that it will make space for something better.

May is a month to declutter and let go:


    • Bless those in need with clothes, blankets, and food that you may not need. Help with school fees, medical expenses, or anything else necessary in your family and community.
    • An extra laptop or iPad and payment of internet connectivity could help a family connect children to online schooling.
    • Give your house a spring cleaning and move furniture and rooms around.



    • Perhaps you are grieving over lost family and friends, or the loss of a lifestyle or income. Find someone to chat to, and a safe space to cry and work through whatever is heavy on your heart.



    • You may find yourself questioning the truth and find that you have been lied to by people or institutions you have trusted. This creates mental turmoil and you may be disillusioned, hurt and angry – both at yourself and others.



    • We are in the time of “The Great Awakening”. Ask yourself if your spiritual belief system meets the criteria of doing no harm, being non-judgemental and inclusive vs exclusive. Any “us and them” scenario is divisive.
    • Question whether you truly believe and are still aligned to your religion or spiritual beliefs, or whether you are in the “herd mentality”.


June 2020

This month denotes new beginnings and new drive. Perhaps the world will be returning to work, or new systems and laws will be put into place. It may have a few false starts, or “going back to the drawing board” scenarios, as new maps of uncharted waters are drawn.

This is a month to set new goals. It is a month for action.


July 2020

Many will break through into higher vibrations, and find they are no longer anchored in the dense vibrations that started 2020.

Inspiration may come unexpectedly. You may be inspired to get to work quickly to turn it into a reality. This means getting to work to plan and budget and get a modus operandi in place.

We may see spiritual groups or cults inspired to do a few crazy things, firmly believing that they are doing it for some greater good.

New movements and collaborations will see the light.

The world will be in a sensitive space, some treading on eggs around others, very aware of not upsetting the peace and balance. Many negotiations, treaties and agreements will be written into new laws or contracts.

There should be a space for arbitration, mediation, and negotiation between parties. This will be needed to clear the air. Labour laws and the CCMA will probably dominate the news, and political parties and religious organisations may want to assert themselves again.


August 2020

Gender issues will arise as women will no longer stand down.

Mental health will be of vital importance, so keep an eye on those around you.

People may begin to socialise more and find that many situations have become hollow and meaningless. Old circles of friends may begin to feel superficial.

This is a good month to lose yourself in a creative project around the home or in the garden. Online courses are also a good option, as you may find your interests have changed this year or that you no longer want to continue in your current profession.


September 2020

We will be tested to the limit. This is the all-time low point of 2020.

“Normal” will be questioned. People on all levels will be affected. Finances will be at a low point for many, and some may think there is no way to recover. Many may question if they still want to stay…

It is a time to set up new routines and budgets and to make new plans. It is also time to develop new habits around exercise and eating, with a focus on a healthy lifestyle.

In the southern hemisphere spring gardens will be transformed into mini farms. I think ornamental plants and lawns will make way for vegetable gardens. The earth may surprise with many plant- and animal species rejuvenating.

Families may be renovating their homes or shifting living spaces around to accommodate extra family members so that costs are shared until people get on their feet again. Or perhaps they will be turning a section of the home into a granny flat that can be rented out.

Girls will be questioning the relevance of bringing children into this world, and the debate on abortion may surface again.

Please be vigilant and keep an eye on people in your community. On the bright side, though, it is also a time for miracles.


October 2020

This month feels quite manic. Up one minute and down the next.

Travel and VISA’s will be in the spotlight. Air travel specifically.

Expect the unexpected. Be ready to be flexible and make changes and adapt where necessary. Those who want to stay stuck or return to the “old normal” will have a hard time. Change is the order of the month. Many will change direction and find they no longer find fulfilment in old careers.

A lawlessness might abound. Nature may join the party with earthquakes and other destructive scenarios. I see shootings, explosions, screaming, fires, and accidents.

Many wise people will step forward, and the world may be ready to listen with open minds. Those of us in alternative healing or occult practices will come more into our own. New books will be published, of which the content could be quite shocking.

Business on the internet will undergo a change. Import and export and trading in general will feature. This may interfere with drug trading and cause disruption in unforeseen ways.

Lies, lies, and more lies… Con artists, scams…

New knowledge will surface regarding drugs and vaccines.

Arrests will be made, and correctional services will be in the limelight.


November 2020

Here comes the start of the baby boom! Babies born in this 11th month, the only month of the year which has a master number vibration, will likely possess heightened intuition and psychic abilities. Being super-sensitive, they need a calm environment. These babies will need gentle nurturing, as they will be wide open to all that is going on around them. Keep a night light on and play soothing music to help them sleep at night. Research immunisation carefully and make informed decisions in this regard.

Family and children will be a concern this month, as will education. There may be a lot of worry attached to children and schooling, as well as to teaching methods. I think educators and parents alike will be asking many questions regarding the future of education.

Many parents may have the responsibility of children at this time, especially if jobs were lost, and may be feeling the urge to run from responsibility. It will be a tug-of-war between freedom and responsibility.

I expect the focus will be hugely on alternative housing and teaching the skills necessary to erect/build these.


December 2020

December is a 16/7-month energy. The word “exam” adds up to 16, and so I suspect many will be writing exams until very late into December this year, so it may be a month of intense studying for many.

December is a month of possible divorces and affairs. This may lead to crimes of passion and feelings of abandonment. Fraud in companies may be prevalent, as people try desperately to salvage financial losses. Any dishonesty will lead to discovery and a fall from grace.

I have a feeling there may be many abandoned babies, so please keep your eyes and ears open.

Plenty of alcohol will flow during December, and this could lead to accidents and domestic violence. It will be a month of deep thinking, and probably a sombre festive/holiday season. The focus will shift heavily to the meaning of life and purpose. Many will feel out of sorts. Spiritual or religious practices that were once joyful, trusted, and familiar, may feel empty and hollow.

This will be a month of reflection and processing after a year that will leave many totally bewildered and lost.

In closing, please keep an eye on family, friends, and neighbours. It will be a difficult year, and many may need a helping hand or perhaps even intervention. Maintain the 20/20 vision and do not turn a blind eye to anyone in need. Ignoring a situation because it is “none of your business” is not the solution. Be the help that you would want in times of great sorrow and pain.

If we stand together, great things can be accomplished in 2020. Our choices this year will shape the future of the world.


If you have not yet read my blog on 2020, written on 4 December 2019, here is the link:


 In love,